Friends of Esmont Virginia
Revitalizing Esmont Virginia


To become a Friend, click on the "Friends" page and fill in the information requested in the box on the bottom right of the page, then SUBMIT.  


We're starting the year off with a BANG! 

We have been awarded a one-year planning grant for the Esmont-Alberene Quarry Line Trailwhich will connect the two villages of Esmont and Alberene.

We have been awarded a second grant for a historian to research and write theHistory of Esmont, Included in the research: how and when Esmont became a village;  the impact of the Soapstone Shortlines rail system; quarry mining of soapstone and slate;  the wonderful farms in the immediate area; and face-to-face interviews with folks from Chestnut Grove, Porters and the village of Esmont.

​We're in the News!

​Friends of Esmont was the subject of a TV interview with Peggy Denby on January 29. Check it out here.


Anyone living in the area, a former resident, or interested in  seeing/assisting in restoring the vitality of the Historic Village of Esmont should register as a “Friend.”


Bringing together friends of Esmont, with varied ideas and skills, to revitalize the Village, making it a destination.

Who is leading the project?

My name is Peggy Purvis Denby. I was born in the house attached to the old Purvis’ Store many years ago, to Lucille and Pete Purvis, and lived there for some 20 years. I have been away for a number of years but am now back in the area and feel a strong urge to try to revitalize the village, not to what it was, but to make it work for the present. I have no financial interests, only sentimental ones.​​​