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​​​​​​​> Albemarle County Stores: Their History and Committee Recommendations for Their Preservation - by Albemarle County's Historic Preservation Committee

​> Dressage School Opens in EsmontScottsville Monthly - Nov. 22, 2019, by Patrick Healy
Ever Forward: The Story of Frank Peregory - by Amanda Kutch, Local Historian​
Esmont Landmark Being Torn Down - The Daily Progress/1964 by Royce Loving

From the Monacans to Monticello and Beyond: Prehistoric and Historic Contexts for Albemarle County, VirginiaPrepared by Richard Mattson, Frances Alexander, Daniel Cassedy, and Geoffrey Henry

​> Grants Bestowed on Friends of EsmontScottsville Monthly - March 20, 2020, by Patrick Healy

​> History of Alberene - as remembered by Lurlein C. Kidd, August 15, 1989

​> Life in Esmont - by Maryann MacConochie - Published with Permission of Daniel R. Friedman

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> N & A Makes Final Passenger Trip​ - ​Waynesboro News-Virginian/1950, by staff writer Pat Velenovsky

​​   >  Tiny Nelson and Albemarle Railway Closes Out Sixty Years of Service, by Nancy St. Clair, Progress Staff Reporter, January 5, 1963

Old Alberene School Reaches the End of the LineDaily Progress, August 1954 (Used with Permission)

​> Quiet Village Remained as Boom Came and Went - Daily Progress/1985 by Lawrence Hardy

Railroad Days in Scottsvillecourtesy of Scottsville Museum, by Evelyn Edson

​> Tweedie Is Ruler In Esmont Home - The Daily Progress/early 1950s, by Emma Frances Baber

Woodville Bed and Breakfast


Friends of Esmont Virginia
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