PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Theplan is to work with the Virginia Wildlife Foundation to designate the 200 acres of Fulfillment Farms abutting the historic village of Esmont, (the Village), making that land more accessible and family friendly as a recreational area for walkers, hikers, birders, and others.

BENEFIT TO COMMUNITY: This park will create much needed recreational space for the Village.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PROJECTS: The connection to the Wildlife Refuge and the Esmont-Alberene Quarry Trail will provide importantrecreational opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts.

ESTIMATED COST: One-mile crushed stone path, approximately $100,000.

SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECT: It is proposed that Albemarle Parks & Recreation will maintain the Fulfillment Farms area.​

6. Easy Access to Esmont Fulfillment Farms

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Revitalizing Esmont Virginia