Friends of Esmont Virginia
Revitalizing Esmont Virginia

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Ballinger Creek runs through the historic Village of Esmont, (the Village), mostly in an area that is a flood plain, creating a situation ideal for a Wildlife Refuge. 

BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY: Building a board walk and planting native plants to attract birds, ducks, and other wildlife, would bring life and beauty to that area and could be used for education and research. Creating this outdoor attraction would bring visitors to Esmont and elevate its image as a destination.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PROJECTS: The Trail will run along the Refuge, and the Fulfillment Farm property, owned by the Virginia Wildlife Foundation, abuts some of this property. 

ESTIMATED COST: Land acquisition costs will be approximately $20,000, building the board walk will cost approximately $200,000-$300,000.

SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECT: It is proposed that Albemarle Parks & Recreation will maintain the Refuge.​

Esmont Purple Marlin Houses

4. Establish a Wildlife Refuge Along Ballinger Creek