Stephen and Carolyn Altenderfer

Esmont resident

Jerri Anne (Hamner) Arrington
Family from Esmont; Resides in Fredericksburg

​Vitaly and Emma Baron

Esmont residents

Paula and Jerome Beazley  
Esmont residents

Nancy Besier
Part-time Esmont resident  
Resides in Virginia Beach


Steve Beydler
Esmont resident (former Lady Tapscott house)

Anna Boeschenstein, ASLA
Esmont resident

John Allen Boggs and Gay Rutland Boggs

​John grew up in Esmont/Scottsville, resides in Florida

Shay Heath Booth
​Resides in Richmond
Family from Esmont, parents owned/ran the Post Office

Brie Breland
Esmont resident

Christine and Andrew Brennan
Esmont residents

Paul and Trudy Brennan
Reside in Atlanta - Interested in Esmont 

Judy Brochu-Blake
Esmont area resident, former post mistress 

Janice Brooks-Webster
Resides in NJ
Family from Esmont years ago

Venise Starks Brown
(Lifelong) Esmont resident

Joann Held Buckley

Former Scottsville resident, resides in Florida

Doug and Denise Bush
Esmont residents

Kathryn Wilkinson Clerico
Resides in Fredericksburg
Born in Esmont, lived across from Mahone family. Left 1943 to live/work in Washington, DC. 

​John Close and Sarah Sargent
Esmont residents

Sallie and Charles Darnell
Esmont residents

Jen Deibert
Esmont resident (former Steed's house​)

Annie Lou Moon Doster
Resides in Northern Virginia

​​​​Peggy Denby and Don Jones
Reside in Charlottesville

Founder and former Esmont resident

Lindsay and Jane Dorrier
Reside in Scottsville

Nick Duke Sr. and Gardy Bloemers
Esmont residents (Stave Mill Farm)

Dianne Duperier
Former resident and frequent visitor to Charlottesville area

Dolores Dwyer and Jim Joyner
Reside in Alberene

Robin Ragland Estrella
Resides in Crewe VA

William & Miki Fenn
Esmont residents

Thomas and Sarah Forsyth Donnelly 
Esmont residents

Daniel R. Friedman
Resides in Chicago
Former resident of Charlottesville, former publisher of The Albemarle Monthly, strong interest in Esmont

Marjie Giuliano

Resides in Ivy

Doug and Leona Golder

Esmont residents

Sonny Goode
Esmont resident

Claire and Gabe Grace
Owners, GraceFull Farm, Esmont

David Roy Griffin

Resides in Charlottesville

Stefan Gutnajer and Desiree Nickle
Owners, Woodville Bed and Breakfast

Tess Hainer
Resides in Alberene

Robert Hale-McKinnon
Resides in Kent's Store

James and Holly Hammond
Owners, Whisper Hill Farm, Scottsville​

Patrick Healy 
Resides in Charlottesville 

Catherine Heath, AIA
Resides in Shelbyside Farm, Esmont, & Washington DC

​​Gail Hobbs-Page
Caromont Farm

Collins and Ramona Huff
Esmont resident

​​Brandon and Stacey Jackson
Esmont residents

Chuck Johnson
Resides in Scottsville

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FRIENDS of esmont LIST

Friends of Esmont Virginia
Revitalizing Esmont Virginia

​​​Dawn R. Starks Johnson

​Lifelong Esmont resident (Chestnut Grove)

Randy and Patsy Jordan

Reside in Richmond

Denise Katakis
Resides in Dunedin, Florida

Amanda Kutch 
Resides in North Garden


Marie Combs Lane
​Member of the Lane family (founders of Esmont) 
Scottsville resident

Michael Laugherty

Esmont resident

Jackie Bragg Leahey
Resides in Baltimore
Family lived on Esmont Road​​​


James E. Lewis, Jr.
Resides in Kalamazoo, former Charlottesville Resident

James E. Lewis, Sr.
Resides in Sarasota Fl, former Charlottesville Resident

Larry and Ginny Little (member of Lane Family)
Reside in Richmond, Virginia

Chris Long

Resides in Scottsville


Pattie O'Connor Maxwell

Resides in Wytheville, VA, former Esmont resident

Marie Cobb Melton
Resides in Crozet

Matthew Meyer

Resides in Thornton, NH

​​Former area resident with strong interests in Esmont

Ed and Janet Miller
Esmont residents (Apsara Farm)


Libby Mitchell

​Member of the Lane family (founders of Esmont) 
Resides in Winchester VA, former Esmont resident


Michael E Moore

​Resides in Tuscaloosa AL, former Esmont resident

Phillip Moore

Resides in Roanoke, former resident of Charlottsville


Mark Otis
Owner and resident of Esmont Post Office

Kerry Helen Pace

​Esmont resident

Nicole Pace
Esmont resident

Ben Page Jr.

Esmont resident


Alec Pandaleon
Resides in Upstate NY
Former Deputy Sheriff in Esmont area, coin collector


Joe Patterson 
Lived in Esmont as a child


Rob Peters
Resides in Chicago
Former resident of area, family in area; interested in trains


Mitzs Boatwright Powell
Resides in Fluvanna County
Family from Esmont, Red Row Lane

​Robbbyrda Preston
Esmont resident


Dick Prosser

Resides in Atlanta, GA


Tony and Diane Pullaro
Esmont residents 


Pete and Melva Purvis
Former Esmont residents

Nat Ratchen
Esmont resident


Hannah Reed and Andrew Hazelton

​Esmont residents


Kevin and Noah Shiflett

​Esmont residents


Nancy Smith
​Esmont resident

Joanne Songer
Resides Buckingham County


Alexander Stone
Esmont resident 

Tom and Barbara Templeton
Esmont area residents
Al Turnbull
Esmont resident