Friends of Esmont Virginia
Revitalizing Esmont Virginia

1. Rails-to-trails: Esmont-Alberene Quarry Line Trail

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Rail Bed - Currently Used as Area Trail

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:The Esmont-Alberene Quarry Line Trail is a 5.5-mile trail system from the historic Village of Esmont (the Village) to the Alberene Soapstone Quarry. The Trail uses the abandoned Nelson-Albemarle rail line originally used for stone transport from the quarry to City of Charlottesville’s C&0 Railroad and the town of Scottsville’s Hatton Ferry on the James River.

BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY:The benefits to the community are tremendous. Albemarle County, City of Charlottesville, and the town of Scottsville are all working to be interconnected. Esmont lies within that connectivity and could bring in both Alberene and Schuyler, taking bicyclers, walkers, and horseback riders off the narrow roads, putting them on wonderfully scenic trails through old historic farmlands and beautiful quarry sites.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PROJECTS:The newly built Esmont Depot will serve as a Trailhead offering bathroom facilities and a refreshment area, the only such area available for miles.  

ESTIMATED COST:Crushed Stone/mile $100,000; Asphalt/mile $285,000

SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECT:The trail would be incorporated into the Albemarle County trails system.

Click here to see historic railroad and quarry photos, and scenic photos of the Esmont area.