Friends of Esmont Virginia
Revitalizing Esmont Virginia

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: For many years Purvis Store was the hub of activity in the Historic Village of Esmont (the Village).  Built in the early 1900s, it is listed on the Albemarle County Preservation Committee’s list of Historic Country Stores.  

The store played many roles in serving the Village and nearby residents other than selling groceries and gas and making home deliveries.  It was also a message center for those who had no telephone, a recreation center for those who had no television, and a place to go when they needed help.  

Restoring this property as the hub of the Village again instead allowing it to collapse will bring new life to the Village. The vision is to provide a marketplace for crafts people to sell their wares and perhaps to make them on site.  Items sold in the Purvis Store would be locally made or tied to the history of the area, and a small museum of local artifacts will be housed there.  

BENEFIT TO COMMUNITY:Purvis Store would attract craftspeople and visitors from around the area. 

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PROJECTS: Visitors to the Wildlife Refuge and those on the Esmont-Alberene Quarry Line Trail will enjoy and extend their time in the Village by stopping by the Purvis Store.


SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECT: The headquarters for Friends of Esmont, Inc. will be housed in the Purvis Store along with other shops bringing in rental revenue. ​

Purvis' Store - 1972 (John Shepherd)

7. Purvis Store